Traditional Waist Bead Maker Kit



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Waist Bead Maker Kit:

Waist Beads by Ayodele has curated the “Waist Bead Maker Kit” including all the tools and supplies needed to customize your own waist beads. Invite or ignite the inner artist in you using your gifted hands and open heart. Create with love and intention at your leisure in the comfort of your own home or community space. Directions are included to guide you as well as an online tutorial link provided in your kit and sent via email after purchase.

Go the extra mile and set the mood: Burn some incense, light a aromatherapeutic candle and play your favorite music as you use create your own designs. Or make it a Bead Party with friends or loved ones with a personalized kit per person. Great idea for Birthday Parties, Bridal Showers, Celebrations, Virtual/Office events & Therapy sessions.

Yes, crafting with your hands is therapeutic and can aid in healing, reduce stress, restore a sense of self, improve fine motor/cognitive skills and visual perception. In addition, making waist beads promotes self-love, enhances kinship with your sister family and celebrates the divine feminine within.

Ages: 7+ (Supervision recommended for young creators)

Each kit includes:

– 3x 30gm packs of beads (Personalize your kit with 3 colors of choice)
– 1 flexible beading needle
– 1x 43 yard spool of nylon beading cord
– 2 cowrie shells
– 1 bead mat

 measuring string
– 1 waist bead history/color info card
– A self-love affirmation
– Beading directions and tips
– Your DIY/instructional video link via youtube (sent via email and mail)
– 1 recyclable craft box enclosing all your tools & supplies


What can you make? (Estimations only)
3 waist beads up to 60 inches in length
4 waist beads up to 45 inches in length
5 waist beads up to 36 inches in length
6 waist beads up to 30 inches in length
12x 7-inch bracelets (cut 3 strings to 15 inches to create a 7-inch bracelet)
16 anklets up to 11 inches in length
10 necklaces up to 18 inches in length

Chakras: All

Fit: Each strand length is estimated to wrap one time around the waist.

Bead Size: medium, 8/0 primarily (only the multi-color option includes 6/0 sized beads in addition to 8/0 sized beads)