Waist Beads by Ayodele
Colorful, Signature & Traditional Waist Beads
Customize Your Waist Beads With Charm
Waist Beads are an African Tradition
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By Appointment in Oakland, CA
Waist Beads by Ayodele
Colorful, Signature & Traditional Waist Beads
Customize Your Waist Beads With Charm
Waist Beads are an African Tradition
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By Appointment in Oakland, CA

Shop Cultural artwear for the divine feminine

Hand-crafted, High Quality Wearable Art that empowers the mind, body, and spirit. Rooted in culture and heritage, DUAFE celebrates sisterhood, strength, and determination. DUAFE is the Ghanaian Adinkra symbol of femininity that is synonymous with patience, fondness, love, and care. These tenets form the inspiration for DUAFE Design's artwear and Waist Beads by Ayodele.

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Traditional Waist Bead Maker’s Kit

Tap into your creative zone to make your own waist beads. An intentional DIY individual or group activity for ages 7 & up. Customizable by color, personally designed by YOU!

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Host a Party

A Waist Bead Party is an occasion in itself, and can be paired with your special day or holiday event. You and your guests will learn the history, culture, and tradition of wearing waist beads, make personal selections, and be adorned. Parties offer a unique experience that promote sisterhood, self-love, beauty, and pride. Make plans for your event today!

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Check out what Customers have to say about their Duafe Designs & Waist Beads by Ayodele Experience

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with me. I truly appreciate your work and I absolutely adore my beads...Your beads have brought on a new form of self love for myself and I truly appreciate you.

Eugenia N.

Thank You. I am absolutely in love with my beads. After putting them on I instantly felt the energy they possess. Peace, Love & Light to you Queen.

Shay F.

I will be 65 in November and I'm excited and feel blessed each time Ayodele creates a new treasure. I have adorned my waist with 16 treasures. Check this Sister out. I guarantee you will be hooked and your mate will love to see them adorning your waistline.

Deborah W.

What a wonderful experience. Ayodele was very knowledgeable and patient in helping me pick the perfect set of beads. I feel so empowered leaving her studio.

Chaneen B.

Getting "waisted" with Duafe Designs is a special experience that you won't soon forget. My daughter and I got to share this experience together and its now an extra bond we have! I never thought I would keep them on long, but now it has been months and I can't imagine not wearing them!

Elle V.

I am so pleased with my waist beads. This has surely been my best purchase of the year. They make me feel so secretly sensual and my husband loves them as well.

Eryn M.

Ayodele is such an amazing person who is absolutely awesome at her craft. She was so kind and so knowledgable about everything she is doing. Thank you Ayodele for doing such a great job of explaining the cultural meaning behind the waist beads. I am so happy for the start of my collection and look forward to growing it in the future.

Brittany B.

Some of my sisters, daughters & nieces were WAISTED at my birthday celebration and it was a great way to end the year and a great way to start the year off #empoweredwomen "fearfullyand wonderfullymade "blackgirlmagic "confidentwomen @waistbeadsbyayodele was such a joy. Her humble and peaceful demeanor was exactly what we needed.

Draka T.

What can I say? Keeper of the flame. Thank you for a wonderful experience that I would repeat without thinking. You are true to your name bringing joy with this gift. Asante.

Dee P.

Ayodele has grown so much I just love her new space. My mother and I have stated to make this an annual event for our birthdays to adorn ourselves with a strand or two of her hand made waist beads. Ayodele fits them on to your waist where they will and can compliment anyones waist. All of her items are hand made with love and it shows.

Eloise R.

How to Measure Your Waist

Watch Ayodele's tutorial on how to measure best between your high waist and low hip lines. Learn essential measuring tips applicable for every shape, curve & size.

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