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Rasta - Black with White Stripe



Rasta - "Until the philisophy, which hold one race superior and another inferior is finally discredited and abandoned."
-Bob Marley

In reference to Jamaica, Ethiopia, Africa, and Rastafarians, Red symbolizes the struggle for the liberation of Black people, Gold for wealth and resources particularly the mineral gold, and Green for the beauty and Vegetation of the promised land. In addition, Red, Gold/Yellow, Green, and black colors are synonymous with Africa, as the colors collectively represent the unification, pride, and struggles of African people in the continent and throughout the Diaspora.

Symbolism: Red brings courage, passion, and strength to your relationships, your life and your work. Yellow brings joy, optimism, and fertility into your life. Green improves adaptability, fruitfulness, and harmony. Black honors your attributes, values your presence, and infuses power.

Fit: Each strand wraps one time around the waist. For multiple strands, add desired number of pieces per style to your cart.

Length: Customized to your waist size, please provide desired length during checkout

Bead Size: xsmall-medium

All waist beads are smudged/cleansed with sage or palos santos. Please indicate in the notes during checkout if you have any preference to this process.

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Additional Information

Loose ends (must tie waist beads on own or through personal appointment on ca), Burned / presealed (experienced customer only), Sterling silver clasp : +$5, Gold filled clasp: +$6