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Color of Truth



Color of Truth: Turquouse blue and multi-color/design African trade beads

Color Family: Blue

Symbolism: Blue brings peace, order, and harmony to your world. It slows the heart rate producing a calming effect, offering renewal, self-control, and enables one to speak their truth. The mix of various colors across the color wheel represents harmonic balance and harmony.

Chakra: Throat

Fit: Each strand wraps one time around the waist. For multiple strands, add desired number of pieces per style to your cart.

Length: Customized to your waist size, please provide desired length during checkout

Bead Size: x-small-small

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Additional Information

Loose ends (must tie waist beads on own or via pesonal appointment in ca), Burned/pre-sealed (experienced customers only), Sterling silver clasp: +$5, Gold-filled clasp: +$6